Favorite Sermons List – October 2015

favorite sermons list

Favorite Sermons List – October 2015favorite sermons list

Here are my Favorite Sermons List: 7 of my favorite sermons in this season in my life. I hope they bless you as much as they have blessed me.

1. Tim Keller at the New Canaan Society Washington DC 2015 Weekend Retreat sharing about “An Identity That Can Handle Either Success or Failure”

Identity is so very important. “Who am I really? And how do I feel about that?” It’s the area that church really needs to dig in right now. Here is a sermon by Tim Keller on this topic that is good.  Really good. He gives perspective on identity as defined by western culture versus biblically defined identity. I was amazed at how I am definitely affected by my culture, and this sermon began an internal shift. Enlightening as usual, Dr. Keller.

2.   Tim Keller at the New Canaan Society Washington DC 2015 Weekend Retreat sharing about “How to Change Deeply”

This sermon builds on the foundation of the above identity sermon. He also references Piper’s sermon on pleasure from this same retreat (it is good too, but I just haven’t been in a Piper mood for the last year or so.)  I love the diverse quotes that he gives from prominent historical theologians, philosophers, and intellectuals.  Dr. Keller is very intellectual himself, but the revelation that he receives from God is beyond mere intellect and goes deeper than any intellectual knowledge.

In order to see the things that need to change, you have to have a correct self-image, your identity has to be correctly rooted in Christ. You must be able to avoid false solutions and able to apply the true solution.

3. Graham Cooke – Turning Passivity into Prophecy

With every problem, difficulty, or trial there is a greater promise or provision.  When we are in the midst of this difficulty, we should look for the blessing that God has for us because His word promises that it is always present.  Another sermon where Graham talks about “INSTEAD” from Isaiah 61:3. His revelation on this word from this scripture is amazing.  Also, he talks about our inheritance in the midst of trials is to overcome or take vengeance or wear out the devil.  “God has abundance; the devil has a budget.”  I always love Graham’s little one-liners full of meaning, that really stick with you.

4. Graham Cooke – Living Your Truest Identity:

God puts things deliberately into your hands that are going to help you and shape you for the life to come, for the story He wants you to have, for the journey He wants you to go on. ~ “All of heaven is attracted to Jesus in you.  What does that mean?  You are a magnet for majesty.”

5. Tim Keller – Hell: Isn’t the God of Christianity an Angry Judge?

I applaud Dr. Keller teaching on hell.  Though Jesus taught on it very often (and Keller gives his reasons for WHY Jesus taught on it often), I don’t hear sermons on hell from most of the pulpits in this nation. Being a pastor in NYC, I’m sure this takes courage.  I don’t know if I agree with everything in this teaching.  But some of this is so profound that it is foundation-shaking.  Considering it is a sermon on hell, it’s amazing to me the great revelation it gives on our identity.

6. Todd White – The Normal Christian Life Conference

Incredible. This unique guy has an amazing testimony.  I love that he doesn’t look like your typical pastor, dreadlocks and all. But he definitely doesn’t sound like your typical pastor or Christian for that matter.  Anything that I have listened to of his leaves me fueled with faith and passion.  This is the first in the conference series. Be prepared to re-define normal Christianity …and to laugh a lot.

7. Graham Cooke – On Much Loved Children Moving Toward Maturity

Graham brings so much freedom to my soul.  I find myself desiring to obey and be with God not out of duty, but merely out of jealousy of Graham and God’s relationship and the revelation of the majesty that Graham has and gives about my God.  In this sermon, He gives hope of divine acceleration from God for your maturity. Your acceleration is rooted – of course – in your identity (AGAIN!) as a much loved son or daughter of God.

Yes, God, raise up a people of fullness and abundance that fully represent heaven, and begin with me!!


I leave you with this beautiful song.  Love this version!

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