Family Guy… Are You Serious?

If you have watched the video at or if you are aware of the power of the homosexual movement that has been strategically gaining ground for the last 20 years, then you are no stranger to the influence of homosexuality on and through the media.  Movies, tv dramas, magazines, books… everywhere we must encounter homosexual propaganda.

But The Family Guy?  Are you serious?  I’m not a fan of this cartoon, and to be perfectly honest I have always thought this show to be repulsive.   Apparently, recently an episoede aired that was so lewd and in your face that it offended a great number of people/Christians.  Here are some of the details of the episode:

  • Peter, the husband/father figure, turns gay after taking an experimental shot of the gay gene. He was paid $125 to take part of this experiment to prove that being gay is not a choice.
  • Peter and his new lover make out in a restaurant.
  • The lover tells Peter he has arranged an 11-way gay orgy.
  • Peter helps his son with his math homework and turns the problem into an explicit conversation about “glory holes” and “circuit parties,” which are references to gay sex.
  • Peter leaves his son Chris in charge of the family while he spends time with his gay partner. Upon his new role, Chris immediately passes gas in his sister’s face and knocks out his mother, Lois.
  • Peter lies in bed with his rear exposed and moans in pleasure when a horse, which he assumes is his wife, licks his rear.
  • Lois, wearing skimpy lingerie, is turned down by her now gay husband.
  • Their child, Baby Stewie, eats cereal covered with horse sperm that resembled milk kept in the refrigerator.

Here is a link where you can view this episode:  AFA Family Guy


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