Fall Burlap Wreaths for Your Creative Inspiration

Fall Burlap Wreaths – For Your Creative Inspiration


I love looking at others’ Fall Burlap Wreaths for ideas on how to create my own. SO, I thought I would provide some of my own for your creative inspiration. I love burlap and yarn wreaths. They are pretty simple to make & look so beautiful hanging on someone’s front door. I have made so many just to give to friends & family to brighten their day (and doorway).  That way every time they walk in their door, they’ll feel considered and loved…hopefully.


You could always buy a fall burlap wreath new like this pretty holiday burlap wreath.  Or you could make your own (here’s a wreath wire frame for less than $3!)

Here are some of the fall burlap wreaths I’ve been making. I get bored when I can’t work out (pregnancy problems) and I happen to be a little bit crafty! So… I crafted some fall burlap wreaths. I thought I would post some of the pictures in case you were looking for a little creative inspiration. Feel free to comment with any questions. I’d be happy to help. And post links to your own so that I can get inspired too!  I can’t wait to start making some for Christmas.  Talk about JOY!


*For some reason the pictures of these fall burlap wreaths turn sideways in a phone browser.  Sorry about that. I’ve tried my best to fix it to no avail.

This was the first one that I made! It turned out so pretty that I was hooked.

fall burlap wreaths

This one I think is my favorite. I made it using the inspiration I found here on Etsy.
fall burlap wreaths

Funny story. This one actually fell and broke in three pieces before I could give it to the person I was making it for. I reused the flowers and made the pretty denim & pumpkin Welcome wreath below. fall burlap wreaths yarn wreath
This one I love and it’s hanging on my yellow door.
fall burlap wreath
And this is the one I talked about in my post about generosity, made for my grandmother for her birthday.
thanksgiving fall burlap wreaths

For my mom. She added a little reddish-orange bird that she found at dollar tree. It made it even cuter. fall burlap wreaths fall burlap wreaths

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