Dodge Ram BOGO Sale – Auto Industry in Serious Trouble

The Automotive Industry is in Big Trouble

Buy One Dodge Ram, Get One Free, that’s what the ad reads running in Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge. And this deal is legit. You can really walk onto this lot and purchase one Dodge Ram and get the second completely free of charge. The industry is in SERIOUS trouble.

Just yesterday the Automotive Industry big wigs flew in to Washington on their private jets to ask the government for a bail out. That’s like pulling up to my mom’s in a Lexus and asking for a 20-spot. Are you for real? But honestly, this is going to mean serious hard times for many Americans.

buy one get one, BOGO dodge ram truck

Here are the opinions of one NPR listener:

For years they have not developed cars to be more efficient and less dependent on oil products. The CEO’s are out of touch with their private plane travel and big bonuses. The union workers see that all of that and want their unrealistic share as well. It is time to downsize, go bankrupt, renegotiate with the unions and retirees,get rid of the greed CEO’s and boards and prevent new CEO’s and boards from duplicating this again. No way should any money be given to an industry who can not tell you what they would spend the money on. I understand Wall Street and the banks needed to be bailed out or the financial aspect of the US would be gone. Why do we need to bail out an industry who obviously can’t change? Who will be next to ask for a bail out?

Another listener stated this:

While I believe that many mistakes were made over the years in the auto industry, there seems to be a lack of fairness in the treatment of the industry.

Why are there tax breaks for the oil industry in order to help the energy situation, yet the auto industry has to meet increased CAFE standards on its own?

In Michigan we are told that for years our state has been a net tax donor. Now that we need help, where’s the love?

Mr. Paulson wants things like limits on executive pay, and other controls tied to aid to the auto industry, yet this wasn’t required for the financial industry. This double standard is hard to swallow.

So, is this unfair treatment? Was the financial industry the oldest sibling whom it’s government body parents bailed out and learned their lesson to not repeat again? Either way, it looks as if the US government has made it’s final decision to no bail out the automotive industry. But hey, at least we can get a free truck out of the deal before we feel the real impact to our economy and people.

I pray that our leaders are making the right decision, and I would urge you to pray for all of those that will be affected by this turn of events.

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