Divine Romance

Okay so… Well known fact: I’m a girl. Maybe a little less known: I’m almost 30. Well, 29 but reaching a point where romance is on my mind and in my prayers often. Add to this, the fact that those closest to me are married and either expecting or have had children. Needless to say I talk to God a lot about this issue.

You see, these friends and family that I am so close to, I can tell that they are still not fully satisfied. I can hear it in their voices. No matter how happy the marriage or beautiful the child, there is a deeper longing that is subtly communicated.

As I was searching through His Word tonight, I came to a profound realization. Pouring over the romantic language of the psalms and
thinking of David, it occured to me: we don’t hear much of anything about his marriage. Then I thought of other significant people that were most likely married: Peter, for instance. Again, his marriage and/or children are not emphasized. When we do read a love story such as Esther, we see that she was willing to give up her life at the hand of her husband for the romance that is greater.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not doggin’ marriage. I think it’s a beautiful union designed by God. I’m just saying that marriage is not the height of romance, but a mere dim reflection. Life is all about one romance between man & God.

P.S. Some of the most admittedly satisfied and most joy-filled people in the Bible were celibates: John the Baptist… Paul, Daniel Hmmm… Just sayin.


  1. Good points, Lauren. Even within a fulfilled and loving marriage, Jesus must indeed continue to be our “first love” above all others, even our spouses. It is difficult in this respect, because at times married people struggle with making an idol of their spouse, or on the opposite end, thinking that their spouse is a hindrance to their walk with God.

    Love you,

  2. You make a great point about marriages in the Bible – our society today has made it to be the end all be all. For many people it becomes an idol overshadowing God as the first love.

    Like that your keeping it in perspective 🙂


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