Craving Spiritual Gifts

So, in my bible study Sunday night, we discussed that we should desire gifts of the spirit. These being: wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues (1 Corinthians 12:8-10). When I was young, I learned about the gifts of the spirit, and started desiring to work for God in a strong way operating in these gifts. I yearn to walk as the disciples-completely blameless and empowered by these spiritual gifts.

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What would it feel like to walk as Paul did? How would it feel to have your shadow heal people? How would it be to live so empowered by faith that nothing was impossible. The bible says that “all things are possible”, but how many of us have the spiritual gift of faith to really believe this. Believers in other countries are raising the dead. David Hogan, a missionary who has lived in Mexico and the jungles of Guatemala for the past 22 or so years has raised over 200 people from death to life. Could anyone in the USA do something like this? Why are we not operating in these gifts of the spirit? Why are we settling for mediocrity when we were meant for so much more? We were meant to be like Neo, able to see through the Matrix, to have power over the limitations of this world. We were meant to wage spiritual war and be “more than conquerors”.

This year I will be turning 27. I have felt God’s call even stronger to live completely blameless and claim the gifts that I was meant to have. Do you feel this call on your life? God wants us to do “even greater things” than Jesus did while he was on this earth. I have wasted so much time. This season of life, God is calling me to a higher place and a walk that is closer to Him. I feel He will continue breaking the hearts of those he loves until we succumb. But this is a heartbreak I, myself, welcome.

Testimonies of Christians performing the miracle of raising the dead.

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