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I spoke to my second Canadian citizen tonight. So I asked her about how she feels about their health care program. I asked her specifically what was the longest that she had to wait. She said that she had a horror story- that one time she had to wait in the emergency room for six hours. A ha! I thought Maybe all the rumors were true. Then she went on to explain that a three-car pile up had happened and all the victims were brought to that hospital. She had only had the flu. So, she had to wait until all of the victims with life-threatening injuries were treated. She did comment that the demand was rising because so many people were coming into their country mainly for their health care. So, nurses are in high need right now. I asked her if she had to pay high taxes because of the universal health care. Her response?

“Oh No. Not at all. Not like you all do.” She commented on how excited she was for us since we had elected Obama. “I wish that we could have someone like that to run our country. I’ve felt so sorry for you all. I know a woman there whose husband is serving his 3rd term. She told me the other day that she doesn’t know how many bullets he can dodge. I just don’t understand why you are over there.”

Most of us don’t understand either I told her. We are looking forward to change and peace.

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  1. Thanks! Many times, I wish that I lived in Canada. This is yet another reason. Sometimes, I wonder if Americans are slow or just blind to anything outside of our country.

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