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Running in a Windy Climate

Alley - Solution to Running in Windy Climate

Running in a Windy Climate

I live in Oklahoma now which is notoriously known for it’s extreme wind.  It’s frustrating being a runner.  There’s nothing like a 40 mph wind to suck the joy right out of running.  During the summer, the days that it’s not too hot, it’s too windy to run.  It seems crazy, but I think I’ve just now discovered a solution to my running in a windy climate problem: alleys.

I discovered this while visiting my previous home town in West Texas.  There is some pretty strong winds there although they don’t blow that hard or hit you from all directions.  It’s such a flat place that the wind usually just hits you very hard from one side.  When I went for runs there, I usually just tried to run perpendicular to the direction of the wind so it wasn’t ever blowing directly in my face.

Anyway, while I was visiting I found that most of the streets had an alley that ran behind the homes on each street. These alleys had the wind blocked on two sides which made the winds not an issue. Alley - Solution to Running in Windy ClimateWhen I got back home to Oklahoma I realized that just a few blocks away was a neighborhood that had these same alleys. So I tried to run down these for my run and sure enough I was able to enjoy a 3 mile run for a couple different days when the winds were around 15-20 mph.

Benefits to Alley-Running

  • Easy on joints. Most of the alley was soft material like gravel, dirt, or grass.  This was soft on my joints.  Also, it seemed like they were smooth, maintained and kept mowed. Perfect running paths.
  • Away from traffic. These paths are safer than running on the roads.
  • Wind blocked. And of course, the wind was blocked on both sides (usually) by houses, fences, garages, etc.

Drawbacks to Alley Running

  • Dogs.  People keep their dogs in the backyard which meant a few times a dog scared the crap out of me.  Also, once or twice a dog was loose.
  • Back and forth.  Each alley was around 3/4 mile in the neighborhood I ran in. So I had to run down one then up another.  Didn’t bother me, but some might not like that.
  • Stroller unfriendly? Not sure yet since I haven’t tried it, but it may not be easy to run down these alleys with a jogging stroller.

Quitting Cookies – Plant Based Pregnancy Challenge

Quitting Cookies. Plant Based Pregnancy Challenge

Day 2 & 3

Yesterday was day 2 of my plant based pregnancy challenge. It went pretty well & according to plan until I found myself out and about around dinner time. (I actually had leftover lunch from day 1.) The healthiest choice was Pei Wei so I got some sushi and a Vietnamese chicken salad wrap.

I was actually shocked by how little plants were even in the menu items here. What I got the girls was basically meat, sauce, and rice. And most of the items were the same. The wraps that I got could have been filled with all kinds of colorful veggies like sprouts, red cabbage, carrots…Instead it was basically a chicken & mayonaise mixture. How boring! Plant based recipes are so colorful & creative.

Anyway, this morning I was too tired to make a shake. So I split a Lara bar and banana with Kate.

Plant based pregnancy - grilled tofu Caesar salad- RunHoly.comMy prayer group was having chicken Caesar salad. I grilled up some tofu & cut up some rainbow carrots to take over there. Oh and those are pine nuts on top. It was yummy.

By the way, the ladies broke out desserts including gelato ice cream. Thankfully I had brought a chocolate shakeology shake with be so I was able to abstain.  But sheesh! I told them it was the straight up devil waving gelato in front of a pregnant lady trying to lay off sweets.

Plant based pregnancy - grilled tofu, egg, hominy lettuce wrap- RunHoly.comThen for dinner, Paul & I ate some of that leftover tofu with hominy,  avocado, scrambled eggs, and tomatoes. I put mine in a lettuce wrap. It was so beautiful & delicious.

Tonight when when I was dying for something sweet I mixed up that shakeology brownie batter but added oatmeal, pb, and honey. The girls shared it with me & loved it.

I completed my scheduled Piyo workouts for yesterday & today. The workout today: Drench was rough. It felt great, but as you progress through a workout program, most of the time it should get easier. As I get more pregnant, it actually gets harder.

I’m pretty proud that I have stuck to my 8-week Piyo schedule and only missed a workout the day I was moving. Every now and then I don’t finish all of one, but I give myself credit for the attempt.

You’ve got to be gentle with yourself while pregnant. I tend to be kind of hard on myself.

Well that’s day 2 & 3 of this plant-based pregnancy challenge. Just gotta keep going strong for the next few days. It gets easier once you get back on the plant-based groove.

Pregnancy Pain Relief: Hernia, Lower Ligament, & Vulvar Varicosities

pregnancy pain relief: piyo during pregnancy

Pregnancy Pain Relief: Hernia, Lower Ligament, & Vulvar Varicosities


Earlier I wrote a post about many solutions for vulvar varicosities. I wanted to write a post about two solutions that worked to give me the pregnancy pain relief I was looking for. I’ve found 2 solutions for pregnancy pain relief: hernia, lower ligament, and vulvar varicosities (varicose veins “down there”) pain specifically.  I feel like myself again…well almost.  But I am able to be active again for the first time.  I’ve worked out every day and taken my girls on lots of walks.  I actually just got back from walking to the library and the grocery store!  I had really begun to grow depressed because of the lack of pregnancy pain relief and how that pain paralyzed me.

My lifestyle is normally very active.  I love red wine and walking EVERYWHERE I can.  Maybe I’m European??  I also look forward to a challenging workout each day that leaves me feeling accomplished. These things became nearly impossible when hernia pain combined with lower ligament pain which then combined with vulvar varicosities (these are varicose veins near the vagina.)  The pressure and pain had grown to such a level that I would have to sit down every 5 minutes and take breaks from even normal daily chores.

The First Solution for Pregnancy Pain: Pregnancy Belts

By combining two different belts, I was able to stabilize my pelvic area sufficiently enough to walk more than 2 miles at a time.  While before this would have basically put me on bed rest that night and the next day, now there is no additional pain!

Here are the two belts I am using:

  1. Gabriella pregnancy belt
  2. Medical Hernia belt

I wear some short yoga shorts underneath to prevent chafing. First I put on the hernia belt.  Then I fasten the Gabriella pregnancy belt OVER the hernia belt which makes it very secure.  This combination has been a miracle for giving me the joys of walking again.  If you have pregnancy pain that is limiting you, I suggest you give this a try!


The Second Solution for Pregnancy Pain: PiYo!!!

This workout from Beachbody called PiYo has been a God send!! Basically it is a combination of pilates and yoga. Let me tell you, I feel amazing after each workout!  It is virtually ZERO impact yet leaves you sweaty and challenged. There is a modification for all of the moves so that the PiYo workout program could be followed throughout pregnancy. Also, it has a lot of stretching and strength-building.

Because of the amount of time you spend in the downward dog position, the weight of the baby is shifted off of your pubic area. Relief from this pressure is wonderful especially if you suffer from any of the issues like hernia, lower ligament pain, or vulvar varicosities. I made sure to ask my ObGyn about the downward dog since I read some scary stuff about doing it in the third trimester (like the baby turning breach). He said this was absolutely nothing to worry about.  He was very supportive and encouraging after I explained the PiYo workout.  They should rename this Pregnancy PiYo…lol…But seriously PiYo during pregnancy is something every pregnant woman should get into or at least women looking for pregnancy pain relief.

piyo during pregnancy


Pregnancy Joy not Pain

Well, I am very happy to have some mobility back in my life and especially to have pregnancy pain relief.  Pregnancy should be a joyous time not a time consumed with pain. Now I am free to enjoy my girls including the one in my womb!  I hope this helps other pregnant women dealing with pregnancy pain. Leave me a comment if you have any questions or feedback.


Here is an article on the benefits of prenatal yoga.




PiYo Workout Calendar

2 month Piyo workout calendar schedule

PiYo Workout Calendar: 2 Month/8 Week



I was having trouble finding just a one page simple calendar to do 8 weeks (2 months) of Beachbody Piyo workout calendar.  So here is a printable 2 month Piyo Workout Calendar.  That way I can just check off the days as I complete the workouts.  So far I’m on day 3 and LOVING it for pregnancy.  I’m going to a doc appointment in a minute and going to ask my doctor about the downward dog position during 3rd trimester.  But the stretching feels fantastic, and strangely I actually feel like I’m getting a workout too (which is simply a bonus at this point).

Piyo 2 month Workout Calendar


   ************  Here is the workout dvd’s for PiYo.  I highly recommend PiYo for pregnancy.  It has eased a lot of my tension and pain and given me the joy of working out again that I desperately missed.


UPDATE: PiYo During Pregnancy – 1 Month Results

Piyo during pregnancy results

I’m proud to have stuck to this schedule for the last 5 weeks. Here are my results after one month. Not much difference, but in pregnancy that’s a good thing! I only gained 4 lbs over the month I’ve been doing Piyo.

I’m looking forward to finishing out these next 3 weeks. It’s fun and I feel strong, more flexible, and have less pregnancy discomfort/pain.



GIVEAWAY!!!! And Cutest New Running Shoes…

cute womens running shoes

GIVEAWAY!!!! And Cutest New Running Shoes…

The Top Ten Cutest Quality Running & Workout Shoes

A lot of these would be great for HIIT workouts, crossfit workouts or beachbody workouts.

  1.  cute womens running shoesThese Bright, Colorful fun Asics
  2.  Adidas Women’s Galaxy Elite Running Shoe, Grey/Vivid Mint/Silver
  3. Nike Women’s Flex 2015 Rn Wolf Grey/Black/Grn Glw/Cl Gry Running Shoe
  4. Salomon Womens XR Mission Running shoe,Celedon/Papaya/Pop Green
  5. ASICS Women’s GEL-Contend 2 Charcoal/Purple/Ice Blue
  6. Champion Women’s Grey/Coral Gusto Runner 

    These would be great shoes for Beachbody or Crossfit and only $29.99!
    These would be great shoes for Beachbody or Crossfit and only $29.99!
  7. Adidas Women’s Response Boost Techfit Running Shoe, Frost Mint/White/Black       
  8.  Simple, black – go with everything
  9.  Saucony Women’s Ride 7 Running Shoe,Blue/Vizicoral,
  10.  ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 21 Running Shoe,Flash Yellow/White/Black

And two runners up:  Peacoat/Hollyhock/Capri Breeze      & Women’s Nike Revolution 2 Running Shoe Cool Grey/Fuchsia Glow/White/Sunset Glow 


Runner’s World Running Journal GIVEAWAY!!!!

running journal giveaway runholy
Training Journal Giveaway on

Leave a comment at the bottom to say why you need a running journal and tell me a little about yourself.  Also, more entries if you like these two facebook pages: Runholy Facebook Page, Intermittent Fasting Women Facebook Page or follow  on Runholy Instagram. I’ll pick the winner at random on OCTOBER 1.

Stay Fit During Pregnancy: 2 Tools

Stay Fit During Pregnancy: 2 Tools

fit pregnancySo I’ve added a couple tools to my arsenal in this fight for a fit pregnancy despite this awful inguinal hernia and not being able to work out like I used to. One is super-geeky and one is super-easy.

I blogged before about my fit pregnancy struggle.  My Fitness Pal has been a great tool to get in the habit of tracking what I am eating.  I’m not working too much on improving the quality of what I’m eating.  I’m really just trying to get in the habit of tracking period.  This will make it easier to lose the weight post partum.   Well I got something for my birthday and wanted to share because if you are looking for a way to not gain weight too quickly while pregnant or just need some motivation to be active, this item is great.

Okay.  I’m really geeky and sort of addicted to my Iphone.  So, this worked for me awesome.  It’s called a FitBit.  Here’s what it looks like: 
Well this is what the one I got looks like.  You wear it on you all the time.  It’s basically just a fancy pedometer.  You can also use it to track how well you are sleeping. (I’ve done this a few nights, and it’s fascinating.)  I was hoping it would be a heart rate monitor too, but nope.  It’s just a pedometer.  The thing is – I’ve used it on distances that I’ve measured before and I’ve used it on the treadmill and the distance that it measures is VERY accurate.   Also, I’ve used my heart rate monitor. This is the one I have:  along with an app called DigiFit to see how it compares.  The calories burned that the FitBit measures is also very accurate.

Monitoring using the FitBit is easy.  You can either press a button on the FitBit itself, look on your phone on their FitBit app.  Or look at your progress online.  Okay here is the really cool part:  you can hook up MyFitnessPal (and DigiFit) to the FitBit.  so it will adjust your calories burned in the MyFitnessPal app and adjust calories eaten in the FitBit app.  Here’s a screen shot so you can see what it looks like in both apps:

fitbit my fitness pal


FitBit for Fit Pregnancy:

Okay so here is why this tech tool is especially helpful for staying fit during pregnancy.  As you reach the uncomfortable stage like I’m approaching now at 31 weeks, you do NOT feel like working out.  But this little thing motivates you to just be active in your daily normal activity.  If a place is close, I walk there. I take Sofia on short little outdoor walks.  Or I get up off the couch and do something at night just to get a few steps in.  You see, this gadget will congratulate you if you reach 10,000 steps.  Since wearing it, most days I reach this goal.

It’s made me feel better to meet a goal each day.  My sense of accomplishment used to come from a really challenging workout.  Now it comes from these steps.  It has been great in making me feel better psychologically and physically.

Plus, by monitoring my activity AND my eating I can see when I am over-doing it on the snacking and cravings.  This way I don’t feel so out of control.  I can’t wait to put the FitBit to use when I can get back to my hard workouts, but for now I’m satisfied with the way I’m using it.

The Second and Super-easy Tool for Staying Fit During Pregnancy (& anytime)

This is totally not cool, but I’m going to blog about this one later.  I’ll come back and post a link in this entry later.  I want to devote an entire post to it.  So, be checking back to later.

My Struggle with an Inguinal Hernia and Training While Pregnant: Inguinal Hernia Pregnancy

My Struggle with an Inguinal Hernia and Training While Pregnant: Inguinal Hernia Pregnancy


[box title=”Fit Pregnancy Struggles – Timeline”]High Intensity Interval and Strength Training
Got to Pre-Preg weight (since 1st Pregnancy)
Found out I was pregnant again
Continued Cross-Fit HIIT type workouts – Intensity 9/10
Pain – Hernia
Got heart rate monitor
Shortened workouts, decreased intensity & weight – Intensity 7/10
Pain continues
Changed to battle rope workouts still using intervals and 1 day/wk hill running intervals – Intensity 7/10
Still feeling pain sometimes after workouts
Got hernia belt – sucks.
Pain increased just from daily activity.
Stopped working out.
Got maternity belt. Awesome. Helps so much.
Began running again, interval runs
Pain returns.
Started tracking everything I eat with My Fitness Pal, aiming for 2100 cals/day
Started walking on treadmill at incline – Intensity 5/10
Cut walking to only every other day – 30 minutes.

As you can see, I’ve had a hard time with staying fit since dealing with an inguinal hernia and pregnancy. Last pregnancy I worked really hard to stay fit throughout.  I spent entirely too much time looking at pregnant models, celebrities, and fitness chicks for motivation.  I continued running well into my 8th month and even ran a half marathon late in my 2nd trimester.  Unfortunately, towards the end I began to have some pain on my left side in the *cough* groin *cough* area near my upper thigh. Turned out to be an inguinal hernia.  Didn’t bother me too much and went away just a few weeks after I had Sofia.

 Fit Pregnancy #2: Inguinal Hernia and Pregnancy

Well fast forward, Baby #2 came along 10 short months later. With a consecutive pregnancy, your body just jumps right back into pregnant shape.  Quickly.  As soon as my belly popped out around 14 weeks, the pain began.  I started the pregnancy doing high intensity interval training HIIT,  cross fit type workouts such as the ones on my site: MT15:30 Workout.   After the pain began, I continued these workouts for about another month.  Here’s a clip from one of the workouts using a tire:

Then at about 18 weeks, due to my inguinal hernia I modified to battle rope workouts mixed with some safer exercises like wall sits, straight leg deadlifts, and jogging.  My battle rope is a used fire hose that I got from a local fire station. These type of exercise isolate certain muscle groups and allow me to train with an inguinal hernia while pregnant. Then about 3 weeks ago, the pain got to the point that just a small amount of walking would leave me hurting all night.  So, I got the Gabriella belt.
Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt-(Strong Support), Large.  This thing is amazing.  If you are a pregnant woman.  Get one! Maybe if I had worn this my first pregnancy, I wouldn’t have ended up with a hernia. It really holds the weight off of those lower muscles. This is what it looks like:

 Battle Rope Training While Pregnant

Below is my “battle rope” that I used for training pregnant with an inguinal hernia.  I highly recommend battle rope workouts to pregnant women out there.  It is very low impact, but it elevates the heart rate as much as running hill intervals.

hernia safe workout: battle ropes workout: interval workout for pregnancyI’ll try to create a video of one of my pregnant battle rope workouts one of these days, but there are plenty of videos that are helpful on YouTube.  I use a timer app called GymBoss and do 1 minute on/1 minute off intervals.  As you can see on the left, my average heart rate was 149, and I burn about 500 calories an hour which is pretty good!


Tracking My Diet

As I’ve said, I’ve begun doing this through an app called my fitness pal.  It’s an amazing app that has nutritional info for just about everything.  You can also log into the website here. (You can add me if you want.  I’m RunHoly of course.)  If you’re more of a pen and paper gal you could also use something like this food diary: DIETMINDER Personal Food & Fitness Journal (A Food and Exercise Diary)

Tracking every bit of food that I eat has been…enlightening to say the least.  I had thought that I was a pretty healthy eater, but I’ve been shocked at the amount of “junk” I consume.  Cookies, animal crackers, chips, chocolate, cheez-its, pastries (hmm if I just eliminated foods starting with “c”, I would be doing a lot better. Funny.) Daily, I consume 300-400 calories of this kind of junk.  So, I’ve begun replacing junk calories with live, whole  foods like apples, cheese, cucumbers, etc. Or, if I can’t force myself to do that, I eat a half of a whole food like an apple with half the amount of crackers for example.

I feel like if I focus on improving my nutrition over the next few months I can get through this pregnancy without going nuts.  It will give me the sense of accomplishment that I can’t get through working out.  And by the time I can return to my interval workouts that I love, I’ll be armed with a better diet to match.  This will make postpartum weight loss a lot easier.

Staying Fit in The Last Trimester

So many things have made me feel like just throwing in the towel and saying I’ll get back to being healthy in 3 months!  But first of all, this body is not my own-it was bought with a price and houses the Spirit of God. Secondly, I know that bouncing back can be very challenging especially at 32 which I will be in a couple of months.

My plan is to continue treadmill walks with some strength moves using light weights at least 2 times a week. I would also like to continue incorporating battle rope workouts at least once a week.  I feel like if I can maintain these workouts that I won’t lose ALL the muscle I’ve worked so hard to build.  A bigger part of the plan is to use these next 3 months to shift my eating away from all the processed things toward more of a whole, “clean” diet.

It’s hard being a woman.  Children are always a gift from God, but the Bible doesn’t say nothin’ about pregnancy.  LOL. Until the end, we just have to fight to do our best within our situation. Hopefully, I can get this hernia repaired before the next pregnancy so that this won’t be such a huge hurdle in the future!

Matthew 15-30 Workout

Mt 15-30 Workout

Matthew 15-30 Workout

This Matthew 15-30 Workout is based on Matthew 15:30.  I was using this verse and the next one to meditate the other morning.  To do this, I imagined the scene: the weather, what the people looked like, what they were feeling, what Jesus was feeling, what the whole situation would look like to an outside observer.  Then I break apart the verse or actually I kind of just let it fall apart on it’s own. When you meditate slowly, it’s kind of like cooking meat slowly.  It just falls off the bone.  Anyway, this is how the verse “fell apart” for me.

A vast crowd brought to him people who were lame, blind, crippled, those who couldn’t speak, and many others. They laid them before Jesus, and he healed them all. Matthew 15:30

A vast crowd- imagine how big.  This crowd was 5000 men and who knows how many women and children.  So I estimate 10,000 in my mind.  It’s probably a lot more.

brought to him people-so the healthy people were bringing the hopeless to Jesus, they were helpless some being carried, some being led. What were the people feeling that brought them? What were those feeling that were being brought?

who were lame, blind, crippled, those who couldn’t speak,   So a crowd is laid out before Jesus needing his help, needing healing, looking to him either with their eyes or with their hearts.

and many others. Hmm… who were these?  What did their “sickness” or “handicap” involve?

They laid them before Jesus, and he healed them

all.  All means all.  That’s pretty intense.  When you see the scene in the next verse, it is incredibly moving.  All of these people running around, shouting, crying through new sight, praising God with the purest joy.  Holy Ghost party!

Mt 15-30 Workout

Okay, here is the Matthew 15-30 Workout

1 mile jog/warmup

1. Weighted Step-Up (20 lbs)

15 reps each leg

2. Weighted Dead Lift (40 lbs)

30 reps

3. Weighted Plank Crossover (2.5 lbs)

15 reps each side

4. Girl Push-Ups

30 reps

1 mile jog/cool down

1 Cor 620 Workout

1 Cor 620 Workout

1 Cor 620 Workout1 Cor 620 Workout

This 1 Cor 620 workout was tough.  620 reps.  My legs were burning especially after the frog hops. I started with a 1.5 mile jog that included running up a monster hill with the jogging stroller.  The workout really did feel great today!  It took me about an hour to complete all of it.  I’m taking plenty of rest in between to let my heart rate go back down.  The jogging stroller added a lot of challenge to the sprints in between, but I was pretty proud of my time (8:20).  My goal is to have that to a 7 minute mile by my second trimester!

Okay here’s the 1 Corinthians 6:20 workout. His glory for our glory!  He gave it all, now let’s give it all we got!

Jog 1.5 miles

Duck Unders w/ Jump–100 reps

Run .20 miles

Jumping Jacks–100 reps

Run .20 miles

Mountain Climbers–100 reps

Run .20 miles

High Punch/Low Punch/Jump–50 reps

(double jab high, upper cut low, jump with both feet)

Run .20 miles

Frog Hops–50 reps

(I do these forward and backward rather than stationary.)

Run .20 miles (1 mile pace w/ Jog Stroller 8:20)

In/Out Abs (starting at 0:12 in video)–20 reps

Jumping Jacks–100 reps

Mountain Climbers–100 reps

Jog .50


Philippians 321 Workout: 321 Glorious Reps!

Phillipians 321 Workout -

Phillipians 3:21 Workout

Philippians 321 Workout:

My Philippians 321 workout today.  321 Reps.  It was challenging especially all those lunges, burpees, and getups. I included links on how to do some of the exercises.

Jog 1 mile/Warmup

Crab Walk Toe Touch – 50 reps

Run .20 mile

Low Jacks – 50 reps

Run .20 mile

Burpees – 50 reps (* hard)

Run .20 mile

(1st interval mile: 8:42)

Walking Lunges – 100 reps

Run .20 mile

Prisoner Getups – 21 reps

Jog/Walk Home .75 mile