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Conversations with Canadians

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I spoke to my second Canadian citizen tonight. So I asked her about how she feels about their health care program. I asked her specifically what was the longest that she had to wait. She said that she had a horror story- that one time she had to wait in the emergency room for six hours. A ha! I thought Maybe all the rumors were true. Then she went on to explain that a three-car pile up had happened and all the victims were brought to that hospital. She had only had the flu. So, she had to wait until all of the victims with life-threatening injuries were treated. She did comment that the demand was rising because so many people were coming into their country mainly for their health care. So, nurses are in high need right now. I asked her if she had to pay high taxes because of the universal health care. Her response?

“Oh No. Not at all. Not like you all do.” She commented on how excited she was for us since we had elected Obama. “I wish that we could have someone like that to run our country. I’ve felt so sorry for you all. I know a woman there whose husband is serving his 3rd term. She told me the other day that she doesn’t know how many bullets he can dodge. I just don’t understand why you are over there.”

Most of us don’t understand either I told her. We are looking forward to change and peace.

Have We All Gone Crazy?

Have Christians lost their mind with this election? For one, Christian leadership has become WAY too entrenched into party politics. I have been a witness to pastors telling their congregations to stay tuned to FoxNews – not your local news channel of choice but FoxNews specifically. Surely, everyone on the planet (or at least in this country) knows the admittedly biased network’s conservative conveyance of the news. Christians were even spreading slanderous rumors regarding Senator Obama.

In churches all over the country, I have watched as they preach the message of “Vote the Bible” which apparently now ONLY means vote pro-life. What happened to the sermon on the mount values that Jesus spoke to the multitudes? Are Christians not allowed to vote based on these Christian core values? I don’t understand why Christian leaders are teaching their church members to vote according to the sanctity of life at birth disregarding the quality of life beyond birth. And if you believe any differently, you are voting against God’s word. Where in the bible does it teach you that the pro-life law is more important than all other aspects?

Now many, would say that it is the church’s responsibility not the government to give to the poor, and I would not disagree with this. But then, you have to also say that it is the responsibility of the church to teach women that it is wrong to abort a child. It is our responsibility to create and support groups that would help these women.

Across this country and internet, Christians are being hateful to one another. In political-religious boards, they are tossing around words like blasphemy, heresy, and hypocrite. I think every Christian believer knows how much it hurts to have someone tell you that you do not love the God that you have sacrificed for and served for yours, the God who you have been intimate with and established a relationship. Christians are being divided in a time when we need to be brought together in support for our new president.

Praying Hands

Pro-Life: The Great Deception

Abortion: Dividing Instead of Uniting Christians

As far as the abortion issue, I do not know anyone that is pro-abortion. But many would say that we do not want to give the government the right over our bodies. Once we do this, the government would have the right to order us to murder our children. They would have the right to limit the sex of children that we were allowed to have or limit the number. Christians talk about the “spirit of herod”. Pharoah and Herod had the power and the right to order infanticide. If we give this right to our government, then we are handing over this same power. This deceit is very cunning. I don’t understand why no one is bringing this to the attention of Christians who are being deceived in large part by the conservative party.

They are using the pro-life issue to pull votes. Forget the fore mentioned fact. If you took abortion out of the political picture, would Christians be driven to vote for the Republican candidates? Well, let me rephrase: Would their Christian values drive them to vote Republican? Are Christians being manipulated by this party? We need to be willing to support a society that will help these women to make the right decision. Is the church reaching out today to the poor, the broken? Are you specifically? Do you give to your church and to charities or organizations that will support alternative choices? Would you be willing to adopt that child from the expecting mother and pay for the child’s birthing fees?

Solving this issue goes beyond voting for a president and ridiculing other Christians for voting differently. Prayer and fasting is a major force. Presently in our nation, we are seeing one of the lowest abortion rates ever. I believe this can be attributed to groups like IHOP and gatherings like The Call which are calling Christians to join together in fasting and prayer against abortion.

I believe we are all united on the issue that we want abortions to stop. We have to be united in our willingness to do all that we can, and all that Jesus would have us to do. It is the women making the decision to have these abortions that are operating in the “spirit of Herod”, and it is Satan that is driving these decisions. We must overcome this spirit with love and operating in the power of God, together.

Universal Health Care

I talked to my mom last night regarding how “universal health care” (or “socialized medicine, as Americans refer to it) would not be a positive change for our country. Having seen the documentary Sicko, I was moved to believe that universal health care would be the correct step for our country. And really, I couldn’t believe that I had ever been so blind to think otherwise. My family are all in the neo-conservative category. I am not. Each of them dismiss Michael Moore’s documentary as biased, and they each hold tightly to the rumors of a UHC nightmare that is conveyed to all Americans through the media. I couldn’t understand how most Americans view of this could be so strongly against it and more than that – afraid of it.

Because I work at a company which offers technical support to international customers, I have the opportunity to speak with Canadians, UK residents, and many European citizens. I decided to start asking about their health care. Here is the conversation I had today with one Canadian:

ME: “So, you say ‘eh’ a lot. Are you from Canada?”
Him: “I live in Canada, yes.”
ME: “Do you mind if I ask how your health care is?”
Him: “You mean like going to the doctor?
ME: “Yes.”
Him: (laugh)”Well, let me give you an example. Yesterday, my back was hurting. So, I called my doctor’s office and said, ‘hey, my back is hurting.’ The doctor’s office said that they were too busy to see me. And I told them, ‘yeah…but it is really hurting.’ So, they had me come in around 9, and I was out of there, treated, by 9:30. …And of course this was free of charge.”

I will continue updating this portion of the blog with my conversations with those residents of countries that offer free ‘universal health care’. This will give an honest account of those that are ‘victims of socialized medicine’. LOL.

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