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Watch of the Lord

The Secret Weapon of the Last Day Church

I have made you a watchman for the house of Irael; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me Ezek 33:7

Joel 1:13 Come, lie all night.

Watch, n: The act of keeping awake to guard, protect or attend; the state of being wakeful; a state of alert and continuous attention

Throughout scripture there i evidence of God’s power being released when people went without sleep (watched) and prayed–both individually and in one accord with others.  Both in the old testament and new, individuals such as Joel, Samuel, David, the disciples, and Jesus practiced praying through the night and calling upon God, interceding for nations and peoples.  In these last days, a movement is sprouting across the world for forerunners or watchmen who will sacrifice their time and comfort to stay alert and call out to God on behalf of others.

We need the intimacy, power, and ability we receive as we spend time watching and praying with the Lord.  Before the days of Christ, people watched and prayed out of their desperate needs.  But the times that Jeus spent watching were times of communing intimately with His father.  His times of watching were a source of life for Him, a relationship with Abba Father.  And of course, there He received the revelations and instruction He needed to fulfill His purpose on earth.

Each weekend, a group of us spend a night in this time, this watch of the Lord, praying and interceding for the nations, people, church, our country, and leaders, and whatever the heart of God is calling us to pray.  We are longing and welcoming the presence of God.  This meeting, its purpose is rooted in desperatio and the need for intimacy, anointing, & power.  As this group is just beginning, I am excited to see the release of God’s movement in our lives and through our prayer.

The Prayers of the Saints and the End of the World

I came across this link today:

The Prayers of the Saints and the End of the World by John Piper

Revelation 8:1-5

And when he broke the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. And I saw the seven angels who stand before God; and seven trumpets were given to them. And another angel came and stood at the altar, holding a golden censer; and much incense was given to him, that he might add it to the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out of the angel’s hand. And the angel took the censer; and he filled it with the fire of the altar and threw it to the earth; and there followed peals of thunder and sounds and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

Prayer and the Consummation of History

The utterly astonishing thing about this text is that it portrays the prayers of the saints as the instrument God uses to usher in the end of the world with great divine judgments. It pictures the prayers of the saints accumulating on the altar before the throne of God until the appointed time when they are taken up like fire from the altar and thrown upon the earth to bring about the consummation of God’s kingdom.

In other words, what we have in this text is an explanation of what has happened to the millions upon millions of prayers over the last 2,000 years as the saints have cried out again and again, “Thy kingdom come . . . Thy kingdom come.” Not one of these prayers, prayed in faith, has been ignored. Not one is lost or forgotten. Not one has been ineffectual or pointless. They have all been gathering on the altar before the throne of God.

And the flame has been growing brighter and brighter and more and more pleasing in the presence of God. And the time will come when God will command his holy angel to take his mighty censer and fill it with fire from the altar where the prayers burn before the Lord, and pour it out on the world to bring all God’s great and holy purposes to completion. Which means that the consummation of history will be owing to the supplication of the saints who cry to God day and night. Not one God-exalting prayer has ever been in vain.

This is an astonishing tribute to the enormous historical importance of prayer

3 Lies Surrounding Studying Revelation

3 Lies Surrounding Studying Revelation

LIE #1:  “It’ not a relevant book because EVERY generation thought they were the one”  This is absolutely not a true statement.  What is true is that a fraction of one percent of every generation thought they were the one.   Only two generations have universally thought they were the generation of Christ return.  These two generations were the generation of the apostles and it’s  becoming true in this generation also. It is a new phenomena that millions of people are believing that this is the generation of Christ return.

LIE #2:  “Most of the information in Revelation is symbolic“.   While there is some symbolism in this book, this symbolism is defined within the book itself.  The text states clearly when it is MEANT to be taken symbollicaly. The numbers and events in this book are meant to be taken at face value.  Don’t explain it away with symbolism and risk sacraficing the significance.  The ten plagues that were warned in the time of the first anti-christ, Pharoah, were not symbolic.  They were LITERAL, and this is the meaning for the warnings and judgments in Revelation.

LIE #3: “It is impossible to understand the book of Revelation.  It is meant for only the scholars.”   I say this respectfully, the scholars have produced hopeless confusion in the book of revelation.  Some have them have gone way out of bounds in making this book confusing.  It means what it says and says what it means.  It is meant to be understood by uneducated people all through history.  Jesus gave it so that the majority of people could grasp it, and the majority of God’s people did not go to seminary and learn 5 languages. Revelation is the only book in the bible that promises a blessing when you read it ( Rev 1, Rev 22).  Part of the blessing is the promise for understanding, and this is not meant for only scholars.

For the media, it's un-Holy Week

Most regular church-goers have heard their less scrupulously observant fellows called “Christmas and Easter Christians.” Well, they also have their counterparts in the mainstream media: “Christmas and Easter Anti-Christians.” How else to explain the spate of skeptical, negative stories that inevitably accompany the two most important Christian holy days?

This Holy Week has been typical. Newsweek proclaimed “The Decline and Fall of Christian America” on its cover. The Washington Post/Newsweek “On Faith” blog featured a post that belittled the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Discovery Channel aired a documentary that painted Jesus as little more than an opportunistic politician who caught a bad break in a trial.
These are just the most notable recent instances of secular media’s disdain for traditional Christians and the tenets of their faith. Anti-Christianism is the last acceptable prejudice. The assault on Christian beliefs and morality is ongoing. Take for example the howls of outrage when the Pope reiterated Catholic teaching on abstinence.
But because Easter is so central to understanding Jesus and His purpose, and to Christians’ own understanding of the world, the secular attack escalates during Holy Week. It takes on more existential dimensions, questioning Christianity’s relevance in the modern world, the meaning of Christ’s lessons and ultimately, His divinity.
Depending on your point of view, Jesus was either a charismatic populist crusader, a doctrinaire Marxist, or a “do your own thing” feel-good guru. Anything but the Son of God. If that’s what you think of Him, it’s easy to see why you would question His relevance.
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Bless Israel

My roommate picks up the latest book I am reading on Israel shakes his head in disapproval and sets it back down not without giving one last flippant roll of his eyes.   In the church service, a member vocally gives protest to an offering taken for an Israeli ministry.  Christian writers and bloggers give negative report against Israel’s people, the Jewish nation.  A few months ago, I began to pray for a greater revelation on my role in standing for Israel.  I had read the verses, but did not understand the full implications.  I wanted to know God’s heart for Israel.  What did he require of me and my understanding?  I had begun to fall victim to news reports.  Some of you may remember when I posted about Israel bombing and using white phosphorous gas.   I wrote this post with the question in my heart.  God brought to my mind the verse in Hosea, “a people without knowledge will come to ruin.”  So, I began to seek out the truth of God’s heart regarding Israel.

Sometimes God’s response when I call on him about truth on an issue is delayed or very gradual.  With the matter of Israel, it has come in intense waves.  The emotions of God have many times overcome me.  I have stayed up for nights and hours at a time praying for Israel along with Jesus, Yeshua, the great intercessor.  I pray that if you are a Christian and are in doubt of the importance of our part in loving, supporting, and reaching out to Israel, ask God.  He will answer you with an intensity that you may not be ready for.  In fact, if you need any help, send me an email and I will give you all of the resources and insight that God has blessed me with on this matter.

Romans 11:11  Because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.

We have been grafted in because God’s first fruits, the people of Israel, rejected Jesus.  Because of their rejection, you and I (if you are not a Jew) were able to be adopted into the family of God.  Now if we are the adopted children of God, then the Jews are the natural born children.   This is the ‘first-born’, in God’s order they were first.  He doess not love them most, but He loved them first.  The Jewish people are more familiar with God, his ways, his processes. They are a nation that speaks the language of God.

I don’t know how many opportunities you have had to hear the Hebrew language spoken, but it is a beautiful and amazing language.  One word paints a picture in your mind.  Take the word:  Shalom.  It carries with it so much meaning.  Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken.  It’s a wholeness and well-being in the sense of everything working together smoothly, particularly in the sense of being at one with God.  When I hear God speak to me, of course He speaks English, but He speaks in this way.   He may say only three words, but those words are pregnant with the meaning of a hundred words.  I do believe that the Hebrew language is the closest to the language of God.

I remember one night I was driving home from taking my long-distance boyfriend back to the airport so that he could fly home to California.  Doubts had began to stir within me regarding the future of our relationship, and I began to pray.  God began to speak three words over my heart “He Will Come”.  Those words resonated and echoed in my spirit.  He will come.  Three simple words.  But those words stirred up a lack of faith and patience.  It reminded me of dreams that God had given me of a husband with longer hair, and my boyfriend with his crew cut represented the opposite of this promised man.  Those words reminded me of God’s faithfulness and his promises.  Three words that changed my life and my thinking forever.  It is the language of God ever piercing, permeating to our souls. When I hear Hebrew spoken, I feel the presence of God.  I’m hearing the language of my saviour, Jesus …Yeshua Hamashia.

I recommend that you read the apostle, Paul’s word to Christians regarding the nation of Israel in Romans 11:11-32.  I pray that God will cause you to join with His love for Israel and the Jewish people.  For if you are against Israel, then you stand against God. For God said in Genesis 12:3 , 

I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.

God’s words are forever and Amen.  He does not change nor does his covenant. He is the same today as He was yesterday and His words concerning Israel stand firm today. Do not fall into the deception that is prevailing today in the world to stand against Israel.  We must stand for her and bless her.

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