Canadians and Obama

Talked to a Canadian this morning by the name of Ken. I asked him how he liked their health care up there. As they usually do, he laughed at me.

“It’s great,” he said. (after the laughing) He explained to me that there were pros and cons. Like if he wanted something other than a plastic cast the last time he was injured, if he wanted something nicer, that he would have to pay. But usually the cost was minimal. I asked him about dental work. I was thinking maybe this was very expensive for them. He said the cost was usually completely covered with his work health card.

Then the conversation took a turn. His voice got really excited as he asked, “So, are you totally stoked about your new president? I’m so excited for you guys!”

Why is it that every Canadian person I talk to is so excited about Obama being our new president? Apparently, Canadians love Obama. They rave about him, and even express envy that he will be leading our country and not theirs. Well, at least there is one thing for them to be jealous of us over because I, admittedly, grow a little envious each time I ask the question: “How do you like your health care up there?”

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