Bridegroom Fast/ Daniel Fast

One of the main reasons I always fast is the longing for a deepening encounter with Jesus. This is the same kind of motivation that is discussed in Matthew 9:15. Usually a Bridegroom Fast is 3 days at the beginning of each month where you forego food completely unified holy abandonment to
Jesus Christ. I believe any fast can also become a bridegroom fast if your purpose and motivation is love and longing for the person of Christ.

“The Bridegroom fast is motivated by desire for God, with a purpose of receiving greater measures of revelation at an accelerated pace and with a deeper impact. Though the Bridegroom fast increases our capacity to experience God’s fiery affections towards us, sustained fasting can also lead to increast spiritual warfare as well as other challenges.” (

If you are looking for focuses during your prayer time outside of your individual focuses…

1. Fullness of the Holy Spirit and unity in the Church (John 14:12,17:2-23)
Spiritual breakthroughs in the Church worldwide with unprecedented unity, purity, and power

2. The Great Harvest (Matthew 24:14) Over one billion souls converted by the power of God

3. Youth Revival Movement (Malachi 4:6) Worldwide revival especially among the poor of the earth

4. Revival to Israel (Romans 9-11)
Fulfillment of all the prophetic promises to the nation of Israel

5. Wealth of the Nations (Haggai 2:7-9)
Release of finances for the Harvest, the prayer movement, and the poor

6. The Wall of Fire (Zechariah 2:5)
Divine protection of all that is birthed through prayer

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