Beauty of a Woman

It seems all my life, I’ve been on a search and exploration of beauty. As a person, I have such a desire to look at beauty. As a woman, I have a longing to be beautiful. The rift is caused between these two yearnings by a single definition that feels imcomprehensible.

About a year ago, I cut my hair from waving nearly waste-length locks to a short, common bob. I simply had to grasp this beauty not seen with the eyes. What was beauty? It was there-unchanged. What was it?

I moved down to Texas to be with my grandparents. Out with my grandmother and her sister, I watched from the back seat as they laughed and loved with such genuinness. There! I feel it- recognition … of beauty.

Beauty is found not in the length of our hair or the number on the scale or a smooth complexion. Beauty is found and recognized in the prizmatic way that our nature reflects the personality and attributes of God. It’s found in the way that we love, in gentleness, tenderness. God made women so unique. In a woman’s eyes we glimpse both vulnerability and strength.

Often, when I read the Bible (old testemant esp) I see this God-this One that loves with abandon like a woman loves her child. This God who feels with tenderness and is moved with emotion. This God who looks upon the race of men with both vulnerability and strength.

Beauty will be defined in such a way in eternity simply by our degree of reflection of His nature. It will be a visible beauty that shines for all to see, and it will bring glory to him. But as I discover this in my own life and see it in others, I realize this is not limited to eternity. Women radiate beauty NOW because of natural gifts and traits that He has given us. Your heart, emotions, tenderness, joy….your femininity is bringing joy and glory to the Father. This is true beauty.


  1. Thank you, Lauren. I needed this, as I have been just struggling a little with being almost the big 4-0 and feeling a bit frumpy lately. Thank you for reminding me of what true beauty is…the inner beauty that doesn’t fade, but grows sweeter each year we radiate our Savior’s love inside. I love you, my beautiful friend!

    1. …but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.

      1 Pet 3:4

  2. Start was good, but the end…

    – You are so powerful, so why don’t you resurrect all killed whales and all chopped forests?
    – I can’t, as this will break up nature of things. People should get to the thought that once they kill a whale, all they will have then, is the one and only dead whale, nothing else.

    Maybe God has done here something at the beginning, but he does not intervent in our lives now (and I wouldn’t on his place as well). We are on our own, so do what you think is right, but don’t look for gods hands, any of these, anywhere. You may use all these books, reading them for wisdom (btw, many of these written by modern hypocrites have nothing but words). But you may not look for explanation of our nature there – it’s not in these books.

  3. And no, I will not add even a word about your beauty this time, as I don’t think you get it from any gods, ancient, modern, aged or young. It’s wonderful, but it’s not a gift.

    1. It’s a forerunner message, in that it is truth that swims against the strong current of our culture. We must be speaking this into the lives of women today. Every woman you meet (and girl) needs this light to shine through the lies.

  4. Yes, wonderful.

    I’ll give you my compliments another day – always, but not in context of this post 😛

    Good luck 🙂

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