Back Home

I’m back home visiting between tracks. It’s a very strange feeling. I feel very sensitive to the weight and darkness of common day things. My roommate was listening to Pink Floyd, and the weight of it made me run from the room after just a few minutes. Even the church service had a dark, heaviness that I had not felt before I left. Nothing is as light as God’s presence, and being back out in the real world made me realize how desperately I need Him (and lots of time with Him). It also made me realize how careful I need to be with everything that is around me and how I interact. Music, movies, television, conversations, they all get in and you need a big dose of His presence, His word, and prayer to counteract all the worldly influences.

Also, the effect of the “rules” of the internship are still playing a role. I have worn an undershirt each day for added modesty. And a one-on-one (private interaction with a guy) made my stomach flip a little. My schedule shifted back to a day schedule, and I am really enjoying seeing so much of the sun (although it wears me out).

All in all…Can’t wait to get back…

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