ADD and the End of the Age

As a kid, I was diagnosed with ADHD because of my high energy and lack of interest/focus. I don’t deny this diagnosis, but I’ve begun to wonder as I meet so many that share this “disorder” if this isn’t actually a strength that God is unleashing as this age comes to a close. You see, with ADD comes a insatiable desire for stimulation. It is actually a lack of stimulation that is the main cause for lack of interest and focus. Many individuals will self-medicate with alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and stronger drugs in order to meet the stimulation requirements. In fact, the medication for this “disorder” is called a stimulant. I believe that this is a God-purposed releasing of people needing the stimulation of the knowledge, pleasure, and power of God. Scientist and doctors label it a disorder, but I believe it is a God-purposed move of God to increase hunger and desire on the earth.

Here’s another strength of these “disordered” people: hyper-focus. When those afflicted with ADD find something that stimulates thereby interest them, they take all of their energy and focus it on that one thing to the point of obsession. It’s almost as if you lose sight and knowledge of the world about you, all you see and can think of is that ONE THING. God desires a “one thing” kind of people. He said it in Deuteronomy; Jesus said it, so did Paul. And many of us have brains that operate at such high speeds that our drive for knowledge in this interest will have us reading book after book (sometimes 6 or 7 books at a time).

I think we must come to a point of understanding that though science may label this condition: disorder, it is a tool of God, and it is a strength. It is a God-given weakness so that His power is made perfect in it. So it is a strength. Anything that drives me to God and increases my need for him I consider not only a gift but a strength.

ADD and ADHD are rampant in our generation. Just ask around. At this point, most people don’t even have any issues with self-diagnosing and announcing that the have this disorder. (Probably because it’s SO rampant that it’s almost the norm). But I tell you, I think this “disorder” is ordered by God. First comes hunger, then comes the release of God’s knowledge, pleasure, and power. Those that hunger for righteousness will be satisfied. It is the knowledge of God that stimulates an ADD mind, holds its focus, and targets its energy.

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