Live Like There is an Eternity

Christians need to start living like there is an eternity-both heaven & hell. Here is a vision from God Dr. Lester Sumrall had regarding the latter:

God lifted me up until I was looking down upon that uncountable multitude of humankind. He took me far down the highway until I saw the end of the road. It ended abruptly at a precipice towering above a bottomless inferno. When the tremendous unending procession of people came to the end of the highway, I could see them falling off into eternity. As they neared the pit and saw the fate that awaited them, I could see their desperate but vain struggle to push back against the unrelenting pressure of those to the rear. The great surging river of humanity swept them ever forward. God opened my ears to hear the screams of damned souls sinking into hell…I could see their faces distorted with terror. Their hands flailed wildly, clawing at the air.

–23 Minutes in Hell

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