3 Lies Surrounding Studying Revelation

3 Lies Surrounding Studying Revelation

LIE #1:  “It’ not a relevant book because EVERY generation thought they were the one”  This is absolutely not a true statement.  What is true is that a fraction of one percent of every generation thought they were the one.   Only two generations have universally thought they were the generation of Christ return.  These two generations were the generation of the apostles and it’s  becoming true in this generation also. It is a new phenomena that millions of people are believing that this is the generation of Christ return.

LIE #2:  “Most of the information in Revelation is symbolic“.   While there is some symbolism in this book, this symbolism is defined within the book itself.  The text states clearly when it is MEANT to be taken symbollicaly. The numbers and events in this book are meant to be taken at face value.  Don’t explain it away with symbolism and risk sacraficing the significance.  The ten plagues that were warned in the time of the first anti-christ, Pharoah, were not symbolic.  They were LITERAL, and this is the meaning for the warnings and judgments in Revelation.

LIE #3: “It is impossible to understand the book of Revelation.  It is meant for only the scholars.”   I say this respectfully, the scholars have produced hopeless confusion in the book of revelation.  Some have them have gone way out of bounds in making this book confusing.  It means what it says and says what it means.  It is meant to be understood by uneducated people all through history.  Jesus gave it so that the majority of people could grasp it, and the majority of God’s people did not go to seminary and learn 5 languages. Revelation is the only book in the bible that promises a blessing when you read it ( Rev 1, Rev 22).  Part of the blessing is the promise for understanding, and this is not meant for only scholars.

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